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October Update

The last blog ended with a promise that I would have more news about The Rising Fire in a "few days." The best laid plans - as my books often tell us - go to shit fairly quickly. This month I got hit with a bad cold, which then meant my Fibromyalgia flared up. Much of this month has been spent juggling fatigue, book promotion and a two year old with a taste for danger.

Needless to say, things have gone awry. Or rather things have plodded along without much input on my part. Apologies. But this doesn't mean we are no further forward. In fact things are moving quicker than I anticipated. It looks as though The Rising Fire is going to have a proper launch at the Aberaeron Book Fair in Wales, which is both wonderful and terrifying. If you're around you can check in and see a writer who hates any form of spotlight squirm with the pressure (you can also buy all of my books to make me feel better).

Also the lovely people at Next Chapter have been working hard getting the audio books produced. I'll do another blog about that soon, but more books will be available to hear as well as read. Just think, you can listen to John travelling at speed through a dystopian landscape while driving yourself (at the legal limit) through a dystopian... I mean potentially post-Brexit landscape.

In other news things are going forward with book 5. This will complete the Charlie/John/Rachel/Roxy story arc. I have generally mixed feelings about this, especially knowing the ending. I've been expanding some backstory too, thinking that maybe Roxy deserves a short story of his own, there is one pre-The Running Game so who knows.

So this is you up to date. More to come. Eventually.


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