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  • L E Fitzpatrick

The Lost Shepherd on Audible

Set in the years before The Running Game, The Lost Shepherd follows Father Darcy, a priest that has lost his way, as he walks the dystopian landscape of the UK. On the road behind him, a gang of thugs from the city is hunting him down. And on the road behind them, two boys are about to change Darcy's life forever.

This short story is a "where it all started" adventure story, offering a little more insight into Charlie and John's origin story, as well as giving a spotlight to their old mentor Darcy. It can be read as a standalone, or sandwiched between other books in the series. I loved writing this story and I'm so pleased it has now been given an audio makeover.

You can listen and download The Lost Shepherd, along with the rest of the series from Audible or Amazon now. Perfect for washing the dishes, driving in the car, or watching the end of human society as we know it.

Don't forget - if you like it leave a review! Stay safe.


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