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Safe Haven

It's Christmas and snow is falling over Red Forest. Isobel is nine years old; she is running with her father and sister, trying to escape the gunfire tearing through the trees.


Civil war is erupting and the family is right in the middle of the battlefield.


With nowhere else to go, they have to somehow make it out of the forest. But can they all make it out alive?

The Lost Shepherd

In a world devastated by corruption, Father Darcy has lost his faith. After letting down the very people he pledged to protect, he decides to take a pilgrimage across the dangerous English countryside in an attempt to find his mission again.


There, he meets men hungry for his blood. A vicious, relentless landscape. And two boys more dangerous than anything he has ever seen before. But can he save these children, or will they change his cause forever?


Rachel and the Smith Brothers are on the run, trying to escape the dangers they left in the city.

But when they stop off for supplies, they suddenly find themselves in a whole new kind of trouble. Rachel realises the true nature of the men she is travelling with, but where exactly does she fit in?

This is a companion short story to the Reacher Series set between The Running Game and Border Lines.

Into the Fire

Something bad is about to hit London. Wade Adams is a rookie agent about to witness the terrorist attack that will change the country forever.

This is an unreleased short story available exclusively for subscribers to my newsletter as a PDF attachment.

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