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Inspirational Notes

When I was a kid we spent a lot of time travelling from Wales to Yorkshire after relocating. Six hours in a car that threatened to choke its last breath every time we got in it was made even longer by a walkman that preferred to gobble up tapes rather than play them. We spent a lot of time in service stations for obligatory toilet stops, certainly not to buy a shockingly priced sandwich. And this is where the inspiration for short story Family came from.

Family is set between The Running Game and Border Lines. Rachel has just left S'aven with the brothers and is reflecting on what this means for her now. Cue a dystopian stop for petrol to help her make up her mind about where she belongs.

I'm not saying cannibalistic service station workers ever set upon us in the real world, but I always used to feel that stepping out of the car and into a travelling stop was like moving through someone else's story. Family is a bit like that. Rachel is no longer part of the world she once knew, and she's got to find her feet on the new road she's travelling.

This year Family has made it to audio, so if you're venturing out into this pandemic filled world, you can have a listen here. Or if you'd prefer to keep safe at home you can also pick this up as a free ebook here. And of course, Amazon users can get a copy here.

However you're spending your week, be safe, be kind and happy reading.


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