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August Update

A new month is here. There are blackberries on the bushes in the village now, officially marking my favourite time of the year. I know there is lots of talk about a second wave, not just in the UK but elsewhere too, I'm just hoping that as the days shorten and winter comes we start to adapt to this new normal and things get better.

I'm having to make some adaptations of my own. I've been incredibly lucky to be called back to work for the National Trust after being furloughed for almost 4 months. My day job is a bit of a dream job and I was pretty sure my days there were numbered, so returning to nature and history is a huge relief. This does mean that an extra ball has been thrown into my juggling act (writing, working, mother, partner), but I'm not complaining. Mostly, it'll mean my house won't be as clean, and the walls won't get stripped or painted. But a writing/work balance has been my norm for years. In fact, I think one of the reasons I've not been writing as much as I would have liked is because I need to be juggling to keep momentum. I've even started some provisional work on Book 5 at last! Busy is good and if you ever hear me complain about it again slap me in the face with a blackberry pie.

My publishers, Next Chapter, have been busy too. The series is getting the long awaited hard back additions. Can't wait to get hold of mine and you can get yours here:

We now have books available in German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. There are so many editions I'm losing track of them all, but I love seeing all the title changes in different languages.

So, what's the plan for this month? Well, it's going to be a case of head down and working. We don't know what's going to happen and we're relying on a government that can't even organise an effective slogan to keep us safe. There's a possibility things will start to get worse, but at the minute, at least in Wales, we're looking okay. And if things keep going as planned, I may even get another Reacher short story out before 2020 is out.

In the meantime stay safe, be kind, and keep reading.


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