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  • L E Fitzpatrick

Are you listening?

I have to confes I'm not a big listener of audio books. Normally I like my noise loud and distorted, but, given I'm doing a fair bit of promotion this month with audio books being the focus, I decided to get listening myself.

So while I paint floors and walls in my little cottage, I took a break from BBC 6 Music, pressed pause on Spotify and started listening to audio books. Now I'm a convert. It's amazing how you can lose yourself in a good book and get all your DIY jobs done too. If you haven't delved into the world of audio, why not give it a go? Audible even offers a free trial and have loads of great books on offer, including all of my work (hint hint).

If you fancy a dip in the waters of dystopia, I recommend you try out The Running Game narrated by Mil Nicholson. I had a great time getting The Running Game developed into audio and worked closely with the narrator to get the book sounding just as I wanted. Even after all this time I still love Mil's voice. I think you will too. Try it here.

The book still has it's original cover and although there are plans to change it, I still have a fondness for the first look. It was based on some Elmore Leonard designs I'd seen and I created it myself, which is probably obvious, but hopefully doesn't hinder the design too much. I still have some original copies of this cover (after ordering a bulk load right before we rebranded), in case anyone is interested.

And if you're like me a week ago and unsure about the world of audio books, you can still download a copy of The Running Game (for the next day or so depending where you are in the world) for free as an ebook here:

I'm off now to tune in to the History of Britain while I strip some wallpaper. What will you listen to next?


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